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Brands Created And / Or Amplified

Sordoff does


Beyond a great logo, truly smart branding increases the value of your company, gives employees direction and motivation & it makes acquiring customers easier.

So, what exactly is a brand?

in short? everything!

Branding improves recognition, it creates trust, it supports advertising, it builds financial value, it inspires employees & it generates new customers.

what are you waiting for?

make eyes listen ®

It is rather simple …
Nobody ever fell in love with something vague!

our input helped to

boost their business

a stylish brand

to set them apart

a take over


knowledge and craftsmanship

only needed a 'face'

Relocation and growth

the right time for change

third generation ...

new approach

no longer

brandless after 20 years

the final stage

in a wonderful story

30 years of international experience

sprinkled with some zazz

a merging of minds and knowledge

wanted a visual statement

A clear plan

needed a finishing touch

from scratch

to important business

impossible to

not drool

A very noble idea

looking for a language

next generation

family business expansion

how a management buy-out

became market leader

Naturally there's more ...

but, this one is for you ...